Grant advice and grant application support

We can assist you with identifying and applying for other forms of funding support for your development work and business growth, in particular grants

Securing valuable business grant support

There are a range of grant opportunities available to companies of all sizes. This includes grants from Innovate UK, the EU Horizon 2020 programme, and other local and national grant programmes.

Utilising our knowledge of the funding opportunities open to business, we can assist you to identify appropriate opportunities to secure additional funding to support your development and growth objectives.

Our grants consultancy service includes:

  • Identifying potential grant schemes that may support your business requirements
  • Developing a project plan and budget to support preparation and submission of a prospective grant application
  • Advising on the structure and content of the grant application to ensure it meets the programme requirements and has the best chance of success
  • Supporting the interview and submission process with the grant provider
  • Advising on dealing with additional information requests, and questions, from the grant provider
  • Advising on how best to deal with the sometimes complex monitoring and reimbursement system associated with some grant types


Our fees for grant consultancy work are based on an agreed day rate basis.

Note: R&D Tax Credits can be used to support the development of a grant application by providing essential funding for the development of the grant application, and to offer ‘match-funding’ potential should this be required by the grant provider.

Further information on present innovation funding opportunities can be found at:

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