Our Clients

Our clients and case studies – Learn more about the great financial results we have delivered for our clients.

Our clients are successful and growing businesses operating across a broad range of sectors. Here are some of the sectors and technologies in which we have made successful claims:

Here are just a few of the markets where we have made successful claims:

Aerospace systems and components
Aerospace systems
Agricultural equipment
Audio equipment
Automotive systems
Building management systems
Chemical etching
Control systems
Conveying systems
Construction products
Electrical components
Food processing equipment
Hydraulic systems

IT and software
Marine technologies
Motion control systems
Motorsport technologies
Pharmaceutical equipment
Precision machining
Printed circuit boards
Printing plates
Process control systems
Recycling equipment
Rolling mill systems
Waste management and recycling technology
Wastewater treatment

We also work closely with, and support, a growing number of trade and business associations to assist their members in making successful R&D Tax Credit claims.

Case Studies

Engineering and Manufacturing

Motion Control Specialist

This successful company is involved in motion control technology. It initially identified eight development projects. After meeting them, we identified 20 projects eligible for R&D tax refunds. Our initial claim was successful, leading to a tax credit of £56K.

The company invested the funds in a new technology area, taking on a dedicated engineer. Based on this new technology, the company won a £600k export contract. It has moved to larger premises, with a dedicated development facility, and has taken on 10 more staff. We have continued to successfully claim on the company’s behalf, and we are now helping four associated companies within a growing group.

Manufacturer of printing equipment

A specialist manufacturer of printing equipment sought to develop a unique UV curing rig for photopolymer emulsions on textiles. The system offered a tangible improvement over existing curing systems in the market by utilising fully UV LED technology therefore removing challenges associated with infra-red distortion.  Our successful claims have secured tax credits with an accumulated claim value of over £260K to date.

Specialist in advanced composites technology

A specialist in advanced composites technology sought to translate latest thinking in automotive engineering into an experimental, fully composite monocoque chassis structure for use in motorsport.  It was the first such attempt at developing a fully composite chassis structure using a niche type of composite manufacturing process in the UK.  The company developed a complex sequential curing process that enabled successful manufacture of the complex design which was used for exploratory research into vehicle structures. Our successful claims have secured tax credits with an accumulated claim value of over £32K to date.

Manufacturer of specialist construction equipment

A long-established SME has been successful in claiming R&D Tax Credit over a number of years for the development of specialist equipment primarily for the construction industry.  The company has faced challenges in responding to bespoke requirements from customers which have required the development of cost-effective equipment with high levels of quality, durability and reliability, whilst incorporating the latest electrical and safety features.  Responding to market demands, the company has recently sought to develop lower cost versions of some of its most popular products, whilst still meeting the latest safety standards.  To date we have secured R&D Tax Credits for the company totalling £45k which has been utilised to assist cash flow and support further product development activities.

Specialist engineering company

A specialist engineering company that produces high quality, precision engineering turned parts, for a range of industry sectors, sought to develop a supporting manufacturing solution in order to create a complex component for a new rotor compressor screw assembly directly from a 3D solid model. Iterative process development was undertaken involving CNC machining trials before the component could be produced to the required specification. Our successful claims have secured tax credits with an accumulated claim value of over £82K to date.

Manufacturer of recycling equipment and machinery

A family run manufacturer of recycling machinery involved in designing and manufacturing its own range of cable stripping machinery, granulators and shredders for the waste (plastics) and recycling industries.  The company’s inhouse design team are able to design bespoke recycling systems to suit client requirements, and which they manufacture ready for installation at customer sites.  Recent development work has included developing a machine to separate and recycle mixed granular plastic waste, enhancing the existing product range of their plastic shredders, as well as developing a bespoke process to recycle components from spent Astroturf.  In our most recent claim, £46K in R&D Tax Credits was secured for the company.

IT & Software

We have progressed successful R&D Tax Credit claims across a broad range of IT and software development areas, including:
Industrial automation
Marketing technology
Video systems
Transport management
Trading platforms
Medical and laboratory systems
Health care software
Aviation maintenance systems
Compliance systems
Educational software
Electronics software systems
Hospitality sector software
Point of sales (POS) systems
Payment systems
Gaming and competitions systems

Case Studies

Digital solutions developer

A digital solutions developer sought to create a bespoke content management solution by effectively integrating all the information emanating from 11 disparate legacy systems into a single web interface. It would be an appreciable improvement over the existing system by making the process and the business far more efficient. A key aspect was developing a real time customer journey capable of providing accurate status updates to end customers through bespoke tracking functionality. The solution required a special data exchange to be developed for analysing the different data schema coming from the legacy systems, and compiling this into a single customer view. A one year claim was successfully progressed with a claim value of over £80K

Medical software developer

A market leader in the field of laboratory automation sought to develop a comprehensive, integrated and customisable middleware solution that would help to streamline laboratory operations, allowing lab professionals to manage multiple instruments from a single console while defining rules specific to their needs. The idea was to exchange data, perform data management, and complete regulatory process tasks in a quick and time efficient manner. Following a structured development process a bespoke workflow management middleware solution was developed. To date we have secured R&D Tax Credits for the company totalling £262K

Betting software developer

A company that has been providing betting software to both small and large sports betting operators sought to develop a versatile omni-channel betting solution from scratch for an overseas client. This consisted of six different elements of bespoke functionality that had to be integrated with the company’s existing online betting platform. A bespoke betting platform was developed which ultimately achieved the project objectives. A two year claim was successfully progressed with a claim value of nearly: £250K

Web to print specialist

A company which sought to further enhance the performance capabilities and functionality of their existing unique web-to-print (W2P) software platform, enabling high value photographic products to be created and sold in a quick and cost-efficient manner. A one year claim was successfully progressed with a claim value of £58K

Developer of on line bidding technology

A company specialising in creating bidding proposals sought to develop a bespoke online training platform, or portal, that upskilled their existing clients and future prospects with regards to the intricacies of their bidding process. A two year claim was successfully progressed with a claim value of £52K

Media platform developer

A company sought to develop a bespoke and highly automated media platform capable of tracking content accurately (i.e. blogs, videos, social media posts etc.) as well as deadlines. We successfully progressed a two-year claim with a value of £27K

Event management software developer

A company sought to develop an all-in-one event management and community software platform that integrates key solutions which are needed by a professional event organiser. We successfully progressed a three-year claim with a value of £20K

What Our Clients Say About Us


“We had previously looked at R&D Tax Credits ourselves and had been unable to make any progress, so we were somewhat cynical about how successful we might be with a claim. Following a short initial assessment meeting, R and D Tax Specialists were confident that we were undertaking qualifying development work and, as they work on a ‘no win – no fee’ basis, we decided to proceed. The whole process was professionally managed and time efficient with their team guiding us through every stage. The submission documents they produced from virtually a single briefing were extremely thorough, leading to our claim being agreed by HMRC less than two weeks from submission. We were delighted with R and D Tax Specialists’ work, and would have no hesitation in recommending them to others.”



“We found R and D Tax Specialists to be knowledgeable, easy to communicate with and they have helped us through the claim process for 5 successful claims. With their help and advice we have received substantial tax refunds which we are reinvesting in technology to improve our competitiveness and develop our business further.”



“R and D Tax Specialists made the process of claiming R&D Tax Credits very easy, with minimal time and effort spent on our part. As they have skills in both accounting and engineering, it meant that we could have a detailed technical conversation; based on this they produced a comprehensive technical report, which resulted in a significant cash refund. A painless, personal, professional and quite enjoyable process!”



“R and D Tax Specialists were very knowledgeable about the scheme and clearly explained the claim process. They were very easy to deal with, aided by their business and technical understanding. They managed to secure a significant tax refund on our behalf, and this money has now been used to buy new equipment and software to continue to drive our development work.”



“We successfully claimed a substantial tax refund for our development work in financial, transportation and policy compliance systems. We were guided through every step of the claim process, and R and D Tax Specialists were able to convey the exact nature of our qualifying development work in a concise manner. Their proven processes achieved a positive outcome, and we look forward to working with R and D Tax Specialists in the future.”



“We found R and D Tax Specialists extremely helpful in the initial meeting, quickly and clearly defining both the process requirements and the time required to extract the supporting data. Our engineers were delighted to find themselves working alongside R&D staff who were themselves experienced engineers, sharing a common language and a deep understanding of product development. Our expectations were very well met with a successful application, and I have no hesitation in recommending R and D Tax Specialists.


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