Our Process

Proven, practical, compliant and time-efficient for your business

Our proven and practical approach is compliant and designed to minimise the amount of time we need from you and your staff to prepare your claim.

While we use a structured approach, we also know each company’s situation is unique and we adapt our approach to best match your needs

Our team is composed of qualified engineers who have practical experience in product and process development and are specialists in the R&D Tax Credit scheme.

We are quickly able to identify qualifying technological development in your business, together with the associated eligible costs.

How We Work With You

Initial meeting to validate and scope claim

We explain the claim process and use our knowledge and expertise of the R&D Tax Credit scheme to identify and validate all eligible R&D activity.


Technical review

We then conduct a technical review to understand in detail your qualifying development work, the technical advances, challenges and uncertainties your business faced. From this we draft a comprehensive technical report to clearly and succinctly explain your qualifying development work to HMRC.


Financial Information

We use clear and straightforward templates to work with you to capture all the qualifying cost information to be included in the claim.


Qualifying costs include:

  • Payroll costs for staff involved in technical development
  • Subcontract costs
  • Materials (including software licences)
  • Utility costs (electricity, gas, water)
  • Development-related expenses

From this we compile a detailed financial justification to support your claim.

Quality Assurance

We ensure that each element of your claim meets HMRC’s requirements.

Submitting your Claim

We calculate your company’s improved tax position as a result of your R&D Tax Credit claim and update its tax computations and Corporation Tax return (CT600). We manage the process through to you receiving your refund, or other tax benefits.

Compliance and Managing Risk

We appreciate that our clients are understandably cautious when dealing with HMRC, so we undertake a thorough and systematic process for managing compliance. We take great care to ensure your claim meets HMRC’s requirements. We also understand the need for confidentiality.

“no win, no fee”

We work on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis, and we will only proceed if we believe a claim is likely to be successful.